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What an amazing time we had here!  This has been my favourite hunting experience ever.  I enjoyed every minute of it!  Belinda & Paul have gone above and beyond in making us feel at home.  Coming off our two week tour through South Africa, it was such a pleasure to have the best hospitality!  We are very excited to plan our next trip!  Thank you all for such a pleasant trip.




Paul & Belinda, I am so proud for you all!  Your new place is so nice.  You have done well.  The hunt was great as always, and I wish we could have stayed longer.  See y’all in the States soon.

Your friend,


Eric & Laura Wallace

Dallas, GA

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I am so glad I was able to come.  I enjoyed my week here, mostly with Belinda, Liz and Teneal.  You all made me feel comfortable and part of the family.  I love the relationship you have with your mom, you both are so lucky!!  I also loved your place here – I wasn’t sure at first about it being so quiet and peaceful – I am not used to that, but, it didn’t take long to like it.  Paul & Belinda I want to thank you for everything and I think next time I will skip the hunt!!


(Grandma) Mari

PS: It was a little hard getting used to the pampering, but, by this last day I think I was starting to get the hang of it!!

Again what a great time again.  It was nice seeing a lot more of your country.  I really liked your roads, I have never seen so many potholes in my life.  I will tell everyone in Minnesota they are lucky.  Teneal is just beautiful.  Paul and Belinda you always make me feel right at home.  I will return.  And then we can see if there is really an eland out there for me.

Thank you very much,


Dale Stomberg and Mari Kook

Mahtomedi, MN

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We had an amazing time on our first but not last trip to South Africa.  Paul and Belinda are super hosts and we enjoyed our stay tremendously.  Teneal is so beautiful and we loved having a little one around.  Paul taught us a lot about hunting and stalking.   He made it look easy but it was not.  It was not what we expected but it far surpassed our expectations.  We will definitely be back.  We enjoyed meeting Liz and all the pampering.

Trophy Fees                                                    $7,000

Flights to Africa                                             $2,600

African Safari Experience                              Priceless

2 weeks no cooking, dishes or laundry          Beyond Priceless

Paul this made Canadian hunting seem pretty dull!  I will try to get my brothers over here.


Doug & Shelley Earl

Elliot Lake, ON, Canada


Our trip has been surreal – absolutely amazing.  First day in Kruger ±300 elephants – got charged (bet not everyone gets that treat).  Started the trip with 7 day hunt, and then 3 days at Kruger – we’ll be back!  Guide Paul Brits and Liz – wonderful hosts, plenty of laughs, beyond memorable.  Albert worked hard and did a great job to get kudu, warthog and bushbuck at his farm.  Food and accommodations – outstanding!  Thank you for the amazing experience!  We made some new friends for life.  Hope to see you within 2 years.


Vern & Colette Cameron


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On behalf of our families we extend a heart-felt thank you: to Paul for his expertise as a hunter; his judgement in retaining Hein; his enjoyment in pouring South Africa’s best wines; his grace when Joe flubbed his chance at a nice kudu as well as on the long track for John’s sable; and most of all for companionship during and after the chase: to Belinda for making her home our home from the moment we arrived until we left; for seeing to the most minute details of our meals, our lodging and our laundry; for greeting us with a smile every evening; for arranging for shopping, tours of elementary schools, and the donation of athletic uniforms to kids who were excited to have them; and mostly for her fabulous hospitality: to Teneal for special Father’s Day cards and chocolates; the Best Picnic Ever; controlling the dogs; and bringing more cute to a Safari Camp than the law should allow. Until we meet again we will have nothing but warm memories and happy thoughts of our three hosts, hunting companions, and (most importantly) very special friends!

Warm regards until we hunt again,

John & Gloria Schwager

Canton, GA

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Sitting here on the last afternoon of our first safari I am reflecting on the last 8 days and nights.  The hunting – very wary animals, top quality trophies, two Rowland Wards, all were exceptional.  The food – uniformly exceptional breakfast, dinner and suppers – even when Belinda made me eat chicken!  Kudu lasagne is my new favourite food, wildebeest sausage a close second.  The accommodations and hospitality are without equal.  Our every need was anticipated and looked after.  From the freshly laundered and pressed hunting clothes awaiting me each morning to the South African beer and Tennessee Whiskey around the fire every evening and everything between.Cindy and I knew we liked you guys when we first met in the States.  After living at your home and hunting with you this past week we know we shall all be friends from this time on.  Thank you for hosting and teaching us about South Africa!

Joe, Cindy, Lily and Joseph Satterfield

Waleska, GA

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Wonderful time, our second one.  Paul said Ed was the oldest Cape buffalo hunter he has had.  We just got started later in life.  Thinking of one more trip and I will hunt as Ed is ahead of me now.  Great service and lodging.  As we travelled around we were reminded of various places we have hunted.  We have been very lucky to have kept our health and love of the hunting sport.

Ed & Tootie Richey

Gainesville, FL


The kindness, generosity and hospitality extended by Paul, Belinda, Teneal and Liz were beyond our expectations.  We will never forget the hardworking staff: chef, Roger, Mimi and our tracker, Jacob.  He still beat us at spotting animals when we asked him to keep one eye closed.  The dining was second to none, we have left a few pounds heavier.  The stories we’ve heard around the fires and in the veldt will not be forgotten.  Even though we came as strangers, we’ve left as friends.

Thank you!

Aaron Terning & Amy Wiedenroth

Pine City, MN


From the moment we arrived at Paul & Belinda’s camp, the feeling of family welcome was strong!!  Much different from any other experience we’ve had elsewhere!  Meals shared with the Brits’ were fun and delicious.  5 star rating from us!  Paul is a first rate guide!  He worked his butt off to get the animals we wanted.  Thank you so very much!

John Unze – Minnesota

Jan Aronsson – Sweden

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Thank you for a wonderful time!  The service was excellent.

Kelly Kent

Calgary, Canada


Thank you so much for your hospitality.  You made us feel very welcomed.  My kids had a wonderful time seeing the animals.  Pascal will never forget his hunt.  Tim will never forget crawling around to get the wildebeest.  I very much enjoyed the companionship with you and your mom.  This trip was truly a dream come true.

Tim, Lisa, Annika and Pascal Carr

Roseville, MN


Thanks again Paul, we had a wonderful time, as always your ability as a true PH is much appreciated, your attention to detail and preserving our ability to get real trophies is amazing.

We love the friendship we have with all of your family, and look forward to coming back and seeing you Stateside next winter.

Hey guys, thank you so much again for an amazing week and the best hunting and experience ever.  Paul thanks for your patience with me.  Belinda and Teneal thank you for being there I enjoyed you all so much.  Miss you all already.  Love you guys

Vern & Colette Cameron

Indianapolis, IN

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We just completed our second combined sightseeing and hunting safari with Paul Brits Safaris, hosted by Belinda and Paul.

The trip was amazing and the Brits attention to detail is impeccable.   From airport pickup to tours and fair chase of game, their attention to detail to provide a complete and rewarding trip is amazing.

Paul’s tenacity as a PH to ensure quality trophies is remarkable.  We drove, walked and crawled to get within a stone’s throw of some beautiful trophies.  Not once, but every single day.  His willingness to cater the hunt to your individual abilities and patience in execution made a very rewarding hunt.  How many get to hunt in Africa with their 72 year old mother who took a trophy Kudu and wife who took a trophy Sable, and still had time for 5 trophies of my own!! Only the best of PH’s can manage that, and Paul is outstanding….. Even when I missed!

Vern, Colette & Merle Cameron



Thank you Paul & Belinda for a great hunting trip in 2015!  From the time I stepped off the airplane to the time I left, your hospitality and professionalism was outstanding.  I know you care about your clients and do a great job at putting a personal touch on the trip.  You two work as a great team, as do your staff (chef, maids, trackers/skinners).  The hard work you put into your operation is evident and I’m sure you’ll enjoy long term success.  I know your clients leave as friends on every hunt, and I’m no different.  You’ve got an open invitation to visit us for a vacation in Dubai (or wherever we find ourselves in the future).


Max Hammond



I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I enjoyed the recent trip to South Africa to hunt plains game with you and with your team.  It was my first experience traveling to South Africa and if the adage “first impression is everything” is true, I was very impressed.  Your experience as a full-time professional hunter for the past 15 years was evident.  I was especially impressed with your persistence in providing us with good shot opportunities based on the preferences we provided for you well in advance.  You’re being connected with so many other professionals in this field and you’re having access to so many additional hunting concessions also proved to be very valuable in providing us with lots of additional opportunities.  The staff, accommodations and food were all excellent.  It was a special treat to have wild game tenderloin for dinner every evening!  Thank you again for a wonderful experience and I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you sometime again in the near future.

Dr. David Stude

Eden Prairie, MN.


Being our first time doing a safari and being in South Africa, my wife and I were a little concerned about what the experience would be.  We were putting a lot of faith in someone we had met for 10 minutes at a sports show.  We were so very happy we did meet Paul at the sports show.  Paul and his family were wonderful hosts with great accommodations, food, and planning (both hunting and recreation).  I was so impressed with Paul’s knowledge, willingness to educate, and his ethics.  As we had never done anything like this before I wouldn’t have known if what we were seeing were true trophies or not; what convinced me that we had the right person was a comment from Paul.  He said he would never want to have a client spend the money on a hunt or animal, get the animal home and displayed, then have someone who knew what a trophy really was say what was on display was not.  Between hearing that, and seeing how he selected animals to pursue, and more importantly, when to stop pursuing an animal convinced me that Paul Brits Safaris was the right choice.

Craig & Maureen Lommel,



I just wanted to thank you for making my first African safari such a great experience.  The camp and staff were very nice.  The food was excellent and I almost felt part of the family sharing meals with you and your family.  I especially enjoyed ending the nights with a cold beer sitting around a roaring fire and just relaxing thinking about the day’s experiences.  When the hunt began, it was more difficult than I expected to get close to the animals. In my head, I expected huge herds of animals everywhere, but that was not the case.  They were there, but much more elusive than I had envisioned…..But in the end I was lucky enough to take 7 beautiful trophies on my trip.   The only thing that did not go as planned was a bit of car trouble.  It was a fingers-crossed drive back from Alldays with no clutch, a Wildebeest, a beautiful Gemsbuck and trying to dodge thousands of potholes.  However, everything worked out and it just added to the adventure.  It was an amazing trip with beautiful scenery and animals, great people and many memories.  I will be back soon.

Steve Flanigan,


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“The Africa Motsomi Hunting Adventure for my brother and I far exceeded our expectations!  Paul and Belinda’s hospitality was exceptional because you become part of their family.  We ate and drank like no tomorrow.  The South African red wine is fantastic and Paul made sure we drank a couple of bottles every night.  We successfully hunted seven species including a “grand daddy” kudu.  Paul’s skills, knowledge and abilities as a Professional Hunterwas demonstrated throughout our hunt.  We now count Paul and Belinda as friends for life.  We are very grateful and wish them the best with the new addition to their family.  Thanks for a once in a lifetime hunt!”

Marty & Gary Weber

Delano, Minnesota


“How does one describe the trip of a lifetime in so few words – you don’t – you just rebook!!  You know what they say “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!”  That’s why I’m definitely coming back with Paul.  The quality of the animals that Paul will let one harvest is truly exceptional.  The hospitality and professionalism are shown from the moment one arrives until you depart.  I can’t say enough about Paul, Belinda and Zwelly!!!  Believe me it’s all good.  Thank you so much!!!”

Tim Young

North Branch, Minnesota


“What a trip of a lifetime.  Words cannot say enough.  The hospitality and accommodations are truly spectacular.  Between Zwelly’s care of the animals, Belinda’s spectacular cooking and those words from Paul, “You must shoot that one!”  The quality of the animals that Paul showed me was indescribable.  Words again cannot say enough.  Hats off to everyone and believe me I will be back soon.  Thank you very much.”

Ed Young

Scandia, Minnesota


“Best trip ever!  Didn’t have any idea what to expect.  Quality of hunt and animals – very good!  Zwelly was great.  (Made him work very hard!!)  Paul & Belinda were great – feel very welcome and don’t want to leave.  Hope to make it back some day.    –Dan

I was unsure if I wanted to go on this hunting trip with my husband, but now I’m sure glad I did!!!  It was planned for Dan to be hunting and I observe, but a few days into the hunt, Dan convinced me I needed to hunt too.  When we told Paul this request, he instantly began to plan the details.  I was successful in getting my big giraffe and couldn’t be happier.  This hunt ranks near the top of all our hunting trips.  We’ll be back.    –Brenda”

Dan & Brenda Tonn

Elysian, Minnesota


“3 Cheers to great hunting, delicious food and extremely welcoming people.  I totally enjoyed everything – my favourites: laundry, tea serving in AM and PM and learning lots about life in South Africa.  Thank you so very much for the wonderful time.  God’s blessings on you both, mother Liz and new baby soon to be joining your family!   -Kay

Had a great time hunting and harvested 6 animals to go on my wall at home.  Thanks for the great time and to Zwelly for all the skinning time he put in.  This was the best winter weather I’ve hunted in.  Not even any snow!   -Melvin”

Melvin & Kay Cram

Waterville, Minnesota

Tel: +1-507-661-0650